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"A resource we can trust, providing the whole spectrum of menopause help. Bravo!"

— Sally, San Francisco, CA

The Alexander Foundation for Women's Health, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, was founded in 2002 by Dr. Jeanne L Alexander, a recognized expert in women's health and gynecological psychiatry. Dr. Alexander started the Alexander Foundation for Women's Health (AFWH) as a vehicle to increase public awareness as well as to educate clinicians in the treatment of women's health problems from a multidisciplinary perspective. To achieve this, the Alexander Foundation has assembled an international board of experts in primary care, gynecology, psychiatry, endocrinology, medical sexology, urology, dermatology, oncology and gerontology to help clinicians address the complex medical issues that arise for women. The foundation hopes to promote a multi-modal approach to menopause and aging, motherhood, pregnancy, and overall quality of life for women and their loved ones. For women's "loved ones", we will periodically have clinician articles as well as other articles/links for the public on children's health, men's health, and family health.

AFWH offers the public free access to an article database rich with cutting edge information on menopause, sexual function, mood, PMS, stress, and other wellness topics. The majority of these articles are written and contributed by the top world experts in their respective fields. We will also offer links to online articles provided by credible organizations on the Web. For clinicians, We launched in 2006 and continue in 2007 CME for articles published by peer reviewed journals along with case discussion.

For both the clinician and the general public, AFWH provides a list of resources pertaining to women's health. Links to helpful websites, CME programs at other websites, regional organizations, and professional health societies are provided on the links page. Clinicians are also encouraged to peruse our article database, as all references are linked to PubMed.

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